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Thursday, October 20, 2016

The answer is always, eventually, "Yes."

Spotted on Facebook: current Yes bassist (and enduring Yes veteran) Billy Sherwood posted an entry on his personal Facebook page which provides a glimpse into a particular period of YesWest history - specifically 1989 - when Jon Anderson had departed to form ABWH and the rest of the band was deciding how to proceed.  As has been previously documented in historical accounts, one of the ideas was to bring in Billy as lead vocalist, who had been working with Chris Squire and was also endorsed by then-ATCO executive Derek Shulman.  The accompanying video (which appears to be part of an ATCO promo video) features Billy and Chris' song "Say Goodbye."  Other songs from this era which have seen actual release include "The More We Live - Let Go" and "Love Conquers All."

I am amused by Trevor's diplomatic introduction of Shulman, given his less than flattering remarks about him years later.