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Friday, March 16, 2018


I was happy to see this particular post on tumblr yesterday...
  ...but I wanted to provide some further detail as regards the photo.  It was actually taken when Trevor opened for Steve Hillage in 1979 and then used as the sleeve image for the 1981 single release of "Take Me To A Party" from Wolf.
I believe the photographer was Ross Halfin, based on similar images I have seen published elsewhere over the years which led me to surmise they are from the same performance, such as this one:
And in fact the single version of "Party" has a different mix to the one on the album, which was typical of the time.  That mix was then used for the CD version of Wolf which was first released in 2002.  This is the original album version of the song.

As noted, there are a few other photos in circulation of Trevor performing during the tour, but what is especially interesting about that particular photo is the guitar.  The type of finish on the Strat he is playing is usually referred to as a "natural."

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Media Watch: upcoming video release from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

As reported by Billboard on Tuesday, the hallowed Hall will be releasing much of their archival video of performances from induction ceremonies of the past decade in a set entitled Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: In Concert on April 24th and the set will include the footage of Yes' induction from last year.  There will also be a series of IC-related albums released to digital distribution the same day.


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

new US festival date

With thanks to Yesfans member Paul Vaughan for the heads-up, today this information was released regarding ARW taking part in the Ravinia Festival in Highland Park, IL on September 7th.  Ravinia is more like a concert series than what is considered to be a traditional festival, so I would assume the performance will be much like normal, with a roughly 1 hour and 45-minute setlist and no other band(s) on the bill.


Saturday, March 10, 2018

Norway show

I have located official confirmation of this show through the venue, which is scheduled for June 7th at Sentrum Scene in Oslo.  It appears it was announced yesterday along with the dates in Warsaw and Copenhagen.

At this point it seems there will not be an update on the official ARW website until all dates are announced, so unless that occurs within the next week one might assume there are more dates to come for June, at the very least.

Friday, March 9, 2018

update: more information on upcoming shows

I needed to completely rewrite my latest entry as further information has been found, for those of you who had read my post regarding the Warsaw show.  Part of the problem is that some of the announcements regarding upcoming dates have been using the social media designations for Yes Official rather than Yes featuring ARW.  As I noted in that previous entry (which I've now taken down and replaced with this one), it appears I spoke too soon regarding the number of shows ARW will be performing in June, as the total now stands at seven: three in the UK and four in Europe.

So here's what I have found so far:
June 3rd - Sowinski Park in Warsaw

June 10th - VEGA in Copenhagen

I have also seen mention of a show in Oslo, but I have yet to find any information from the promoter or venue regarding when/where it will be, but I will either update this entry or post a new one as soon as I'm able to find additional details.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

another European show

Spotted on Instagram: ARW will be appearing at the Sweden Rock festival on June 9th as one of the headliners.
Their entry on the festival's website can be accessed here:

As Rick mentioned in a recent interview that they would be playing "a couple" of European shows, this appears to be the extent of their bookings in that region for 2018.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

a very Big Fish in the musical sea

In observance of what would have been Chris Squire's 70th birthday, I thought I'd post some of the fabulous fanart available online in honor of The Fish.  May his presence loom over us in benevolent - and booming - splendour for all time.  The artists' love and respect for Chris is evident in each of these works and my gratitude to all of them for sharing their art with the fandom.

This portrait is from the hand of The Groovy Archives, her beautiful image features Chris wearing a crown of lotus and ivy.

This "green and submarine" drawing was created by my dear friend Jennifer Albright, it's been in fandom circulation for many years now, a testament to her talent.

Andy has created many wonderful images of Chris, and this is one of my favorites.  They are so creative, encompassing a range of different styles to enjoy.
A post shared by Andy (@strangeapparatus) on
Charlie Roy has also drawn many portraits of Chris, I recommend you check out his Instagram for more amazing artwork!
A post shared by Charlie Roy (@charlie_roy_art) on
Another fine pencil portrait...
A really interesting profile portrait from the Yessongs era...
An adorable caricature...
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And another fanciful aquatic imagining!
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A lovely portrait featuring one of Chris' more colorful stage outfits...

  Chris through the years, courtesy of Rani's amazing anime-style illustration.