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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Man of a Thousand Credits: playing up a storm

One of a continuing series in regards to the myriad variety of Trevor’s discography.

As long-time fans are aware, Trevor was previously involved on the periphery of film scoring before he finally committed to the notion full-time after departing Yes in 1995.  One of those encounters was playing guitar on Mark Mancina's score for the 1996 action-adventure movie Twister.   The film's score - originally issued on Atlantic Classics and now long out-of-print - recently received an expanded archival limited edition release courtesy of boutique label La-La Land Records, and according to the extensive liner notes by music journalist Tim Grieving, director Jan de Bont (whom Mancina had worked with previously on Speed) desired electric guitar as a prevailing texture in the score.  Due to the involvement of Alex and Edward Van Halen (who composed and performed the instrumental "Respect The Wind" as well as appearing on the Van Halen track "Humans Being" for the soundtrack album release), de Bont perhaps considered that the film should have more of a rock n'roll-style score, but Mancina campaigned for restraint and a judicious use of guitar as one particular color in the overall palette.  Trevor, as someone Mark had collaborated with previously, was a natural choice to fulfill de Bont's mandate.  Trevor's contributions are interesting electric stylistic accents on themes such as "Walk In The Woods," and "The Hunt Begins" and it is mentioned in the liner notes that Mancina, along with Doug Smith, played the acoustic guitars.

The score suite gives one an idea both of Mancina's tribute to Aaron Copeland - whom he had become personally acquainted with in his college years - as well as Trevor's overall contributions to the score in that the electric guitar is a distinct voice throughout the themes.

The expanded archival release of Twister is now available for purchase from La-La Land Records.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Media Watch: new PROG article

Announced today with an on-sale date (in the UK, I assume) of Wednesday, issue 74 features an article on the boys which chronicles last year's US tour.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

ARW 2016 tour photo favorites

Note: this post is image-heavy (for those of you with slower browsers.)

Say what you will about people and their smartphones and digital cameras at concerts - I say bless you, because there have been some really wonderful photos to enjoy from this tour.  Here are some of my favorites, with my gratitude to those who captured these moments...hit me up on email with your picks!

The AMAZING Lee Pomeroy and his current guitarist.
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What we had all been longing to see...
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The faces of friendship.
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An adorable moment...
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...and another...

...and yet another. (with thanks to Carla Fodera)

Put your hands in the air if you're awesome! (with thanks to Steve Kalinsky)

The AMAZING Lee Pomeroy and some other guys. (with thanks to Cathy Poulton)

Behold my astounding guitarist, presto! (with thanks to Larry Marano)

BFFs in action.
A photo posted by Todd (@digmuzak) on

This guy is having fun!

Just hanging out, as you do.

All smiles.


Power trio.
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YES WE CAN...fit everyone in the band under my cape.

This guy is having so much fun! (courtesy of Aric Caplan)

Sunday, February 5, 2017

more festival news

As I suspected (and mentioned in fandom discussion) it appears Midsummer will see a round of European festival appearances for our boys, as I spotted this additional announcement that ARW will be appearing at the Legends of Rock festival in Poland on July 13th.

Information regarding the festival and ticket purchase is available on the Ticketpro website:

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

John Wetton (1949-2017)

Another leading light of the progressive rock pantheon has passed on...

Wetton's masterful playing, immediately recognizable tenor and tuneful songwriting defined his tenure both in various ensembles as well as an enduring solo career.  As long-time fans know, one of Trevor's early forays in the evolution of his 80s-era career was a two-week stint (give or take) with a certain burgeoning supergroup - and there's a recording on YouTube featuring his lead vocal on what later became one of Asia's biggest hits, "Only Time Will Tell."

My condolences to family and friends, colleagues and fellow fans.

ETA: a fan on Twitter shared this nice memory once again of Trevor, Keith Emerson and Billy Sherwood backstage at an Asia performance with John and Carl Palmer.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Media Watch: more good news

Friday was a busy news day in our fandom world, and so now for the other things of note...

It was announced by the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame that Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson of Rush will be giving the induction speech for Yes at the ceremony on April 7th.  It has been noted previously by fans Geddy was Chris Squire's choice for that role and Geddy has also spoken of his admiration of Yes and the band's influence on Rush in various interviews over the years.  The link below provides further information regarding the ceremony and how one can purchase tickets for the event.

Yes Music Podcast posted a new episode yesterday featuring an interview with the AMAZING Lee Pomeroy, who confirms that the Dynamic Duo will in fact be participating on the recording sessions for new music from ARW, which is very good news indeed.

The interview itself begins around the 27:05 mark in the recording.

This gives me an excuse to post one of my favorite performance photos of Lee (courtesy of Steve Kaminsky), which is a great illustration of his sunny disposition onstage.  As one fan noted a while back, Lee is a true joy to behold.

Friday, January 27, 2017

ARW headlining Night of the Prog festival

It appears our boys will be making at least one stop on the summer festival circuit this year, with a headlining slot at Night of the Prog XII in Germany; the details are available at the official website.