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Thursday, September 25, 2014

More good news!

Trevor just keeps the good stuff coming...a blogger can't keep up!

This update was delivered today via Facebook; Trevor's 2003 release Live In LA is being re-issued with a remaster of the audio, new cover art, and a bonus track - a performance of "Solly's Beard" not from the Los Angeles show but presumably from the club tour, as the song was featured in the setlist.  The recording used for the album was Trevor's show at The Roxy Theatre on December 13th, 1989.

Trevor posted a preview of the CD booklet along with the news and the Amazon purchase link, it features the cover (a shot from the photo sessions for Can't Look Away) along with liner notes penned by music journalist Jerry McCulley.

social media blitz

As a byproduct of Trevor's recently-increased social media presence (i.e. spending more time on Facebook to interact with fans), he decided - after crowdsourcing suggestions - to create a Soundcloud account in order to share items from the vaults.  And the first of these is the original mix of "Never Let Go" which was the end credits song for The Guardian, featuring Bryan Adams (and also vocalizing by Liz Constantine).  This mix is substantially different from the one which ended up in the film and on the score release, in that there is more guitar from Trevor as well as a repeating refrain of the title which is sung by him.

Also on the account is a shredding sample of the signature Washburn model - his new baby - and I'd just like to note that I've had that sample available here on the blog since January:
It definitely rips!

There is a link to Trevor's Soundcloud page in the "Neato Stuff" sidebar on the front page.  I know we're all looking forward to hearing more of the lost treasures!

Monday, September 22, 2014

An ode to the good things!

Today Trevor posted a video on his Facebook page set to the lovely blues stroll of "Georgia on My Mind" paying tribute to many people, places, and dogs beloved to him, and featuring rare family photographs.  Thank you, Maestro, for sharing your world with us fans!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Update on new solo album progress

The past couple days brought some welcome updates from Trevor on his Facebook and Twitter accounts:

...with some great shots of Trevor and Lou working on tracks during prior sessions at The Jacaranda Room.  In a separate post he noted:
There will be some surprise guests on the album, however, i'm not ready to "do" this yet. Lou Molino is already kicking butt on the album, as I know Ryan will do so soon. There is one more drummer who will be playing on the album aside from other musicians, but I can't say yet.
Trevor also noted an upcoming collaboration with guitarist Jason Becker, which was a fitting reminder in regards to the increased attention on social media of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis via the ALS Association's Ice Bucket Challenge.

(Update to the Update):
In a comment posted today on his Facebook page, Trevor stated:
I'm looking at finishing the album by middle to late 2015. I wish it could be earlier, but other projects will slow it down a bit. But this is very much a HUGE passion for me. I think all artists say that the current work is their best. But I really feel this extremely and genuinely the case.
Trevor also noted that the bass he was pictured with is a Wilkins, and here's a photo from when he first received it, to my knowledge:

And this particular photo is proof enough that the inner Rock Star is ready to emerge (it's nice that the drum corner has a photo of Ryan).