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Friday, September 25, 2015

Who *is* scoring Blood and Oil?

I apologize to my readers for falling behind on the promised 12 Monkeys Knowing The Score entry, but the season finale (no, I will not call it a series finale and you can't make me) of Hannibal just destroyed me, so I've been verklempt for a while.  But I'm working on it.  I will recommend that you buy the score album because it's really good.  And I'm not saying that strictly as a Rabid Rabinite.

Originally I noted that Trevor would be scoring the above-mentioned ABC drama which debuts this coming Sunday (September 27th) but then other sources stated it would be Paul Linford alone, which struck me as odd simply because of the ongoing logistics of their partnership, but hey...as it turns out, it's Mark Isham.

As I mentioned previously, Agent X, the show which apparently Trevor and Paul really are scoring, premieres on TNT on November 8th at 9pm EST with a two-hour pilot episode.  Hopefully I will have further updates to share in the next month.