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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Media Watch: Backstage Axxcess interview

An ongoing series wherein I comment on Trevor's recent publicity.

Another new interview with Trevor has been posted today, in advance of ARW's performance in Buffalo on November 2nd.

Interestingly - and I don't know if anyone has noticed this (including myself!) - Trevor notes that there are apparently callbacks to some of his scoring themes embedded in the setlist:
I must say that both Jon and Rick really embraced the orchestral side of my career over the past few decades working with directors on movie scores. There are a few sections of the show including the intro to “Cinema” which leads into “Perpetual Change” along with “Awaken” later in the set that we integrate some of the orchestral movements I’ve done in my movie career.
But it appears "Starship Trooper" (only performed once, Trev) has been dropped from the setlist forever.
In fact, the first few shows we were performing “Starship Trooper,” which was a crowd pleaser but Rick and I both realized that specific song neither he nor I were involved in the original recording. Jon graciously suggested that maybe we drop that from the set.
However - and I truly hope this comes to pass - another YesWest favorite might be added in:
I’d say there’s a very good chance the fans in Buffalo will be hearing “Changes.” I’m also looking to start rehearsing “Shoot High Aim Low” from the “Big Generator” album as well. The wonderful thing about the talent in this band is that we can be fluent as we go along and organically incorporate songs that we feel fit the purpose.
And Trevor jokingly confirms my suspicion that he is indeed GROUPLOVE's biggest fan.