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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Media Watch: some recent finds

As my readers are aware, I spend a lot of time casting my net wide for news and updates, but even with the best of nets sometimes things slip through...so here are a couple interviews with Trevor from the current promotional cycle which I discovered during a recent search; and each of them have a few interesting details.

From September 28th, an interview with Steve Black of WRIF.

From October 11th, an interview with The Hawk Morning Show.

And then yesterday this interview was published in advance of ARW's performance in Akron on October 29th:

And if all of that isn't enough, this week the radio program Debatable debuted on SiriusXM's Volume, which is the music-focused talk radio channel of the service.  The program is hosted by Mark Goodman (who most of us know as one of the original MTV VJs) and music journalist Alan Light.  According to mentions I've seen on Twitter, yesterday's episode featured Trevor along with legendary modern rock guitarists Vernon Reid and Tom Morello and jazz/fusion guitarist Stanley Jordan.  As you can tell from this slate, it represents a mini-reunion for some of the Guitars in the Round participants.  If I find additional information or excerpts I'll be sure to follow up on what I imagine was a fascinating discussion.