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Sunday, March 4, 2018

a very Big Fish in the musical sea

In observance of what would have been Chris Squire's 70th birthday, I thought I'd post some of the fabulous fanart available online in honor of The Fish.  May his presence loom over us in benevolent - and booming - splendour for all time.  The artists' love and respect for Chris is evident in each of these works and my gratitude to all of them for sharing their art with the fandom.

This portrait is from the hand of The Groovy Archives, her beautiful image features Chris wearing a crown of lotus and ivy.

This "green and submarine" drawing was created by my dear friend Jennifer Albright, it's been in fandom circulation for many years now, a testament to her talent.

Andy has created many wonderful images of Chris, and this is one of my favorites.  They are so creative, encompassing a range of different styles to enjoy.
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Charlie Roy has also drawn many portraits of Chris, I recommend you check out his Instagram for more amazing artwork!
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Another fine pencil portrait...
A really interesting profile portrait from the Yessongs era...
An adorable caricature...
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And another fanciful aquatic imagining!
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A lovely portrait featuring one of Chris' more colorful stage outfits...

  Chris through the years, courtesy of Rani's amazing anime-style illustration.