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Friday, September 22, 2017

A big SCORE! (for fans of film composers)

With huge thanks and gratitude to my dear friend illustrator/musician Theo Radomski for sharing screencaps/photos of his SCORE: A Film Music Documentary swag from the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign; as he ordered the Blu-ray plus bonus features discs award, which includes the full 38-minute interview with Trevor.  This interview is also included in the SCORE: The Interviews companion book which I reviewed last month.  And I need to declare that Theo is a true bud for indulging my Rabid Rabinite mania, as he participated in the campaign strictly as a fan of film scoring in general.  I am expecting my DVD/t-shirt award shipment any day now, so I will be adding to this entry with photos of my swag as soon as it arrives.

ETA: I have added to this entry with a photo of what I have received from the campaign as well.

                                          Menu screen from the bonus disc.

 Trevor shows off one of the most memorable souvenirs of his career as a film scorer.

And here is my swag!