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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

"...with my tight leather pants on."

As long-time fans are aware, Trevor is much more than your average guitar hero, but I do believe it is a distinct and integral part of his identity as a musician and recent publicity has reflected this view.

It was interesting to note in advance coverage regarding the official debut of ARW how many publications relied on the photos initially supplied by their social media rep - all of which came from the Eighty Dates tourbook (to emphasize how this venture was, literally, a re-Union).  But I noticed some time back that a different photo of Trevor was also being widely used in articles and how similar it is to the other photo.  So it could be said those pants and that stance, beloved axe in hand, are essential components of the essence of Trevor Rabin, rock god and therefore very useful and resonant visual shorthand to remind us all why we'd missed our guitar hero and can rejoice in his return to the stage.