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Saturday, November 19, 2016

update from Rick

Today Rick posted the latest edition of his Grumpy Old Rick's Ramblings and - as has been previously stated and was fully expected - is full of enthusiasm for his new /old bandmates.  He also provided an update regarding plans for 2017.
We're two thirds of the way through the tour as I write this and I can't repeat enough times how amazing this has been both musically and the wonderful atmosphere both on and off stage.
Trevor and I have what I can only describe as a telepathic musical feeling between us as we both seem to be aware of what the other is going to do at any given musical moment.
Jon's voice is stronger and as beautiful sounding as I have ever heard it and there are not enough superlatives to describe the playing of Lou Molino III and Lee Pomeroy.
I have said it before, but I will say it again that this is the finest line up of musicianship of any form of YES I have ever had the privilege of being a part of and long may it continue.
We have plans to complete new recordings early in the New Year and also there are dates booked in Japan and Belgium and Holland as well as the UK shows.
The tour finishes on December 3rd and when I get home I have quite a busy time as well as trying to get some Xmas shopping in!
ARW will also be playing in Tel Aviv on March 7th.  The post includes the photo which his son Adam tweeted earlier in the week from the San Antonio show and can be viewed at Rick's website: http://www.rwcc.com/gorr.asp