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Friday, November 11, 2016

Fashion Watch: touring in style

Note: this post is image-heavy (for those of you with slower browsers.)

(With thanks to my fellow Rabid Rabinite Judy Davis for the Akron photo.)

As the first month of the ARW tour is now in the books, if we consider the wardrobe choices of the boys (including Lou and Lee as well), Trevor was the one who showed the most diversity in his onstage attire.  Given that we live in the age of the Internet and can observe this tour occurring in real time, there is documentation of every show.  Some nights featured similar outfits, but unlike Rick (who wears the same thing every night) and Jon (who has a couple suits), Trevor was switching it up more frequently.  So let's relive the glory of the many looks of the Maestro - and hit me up on email to let me know what you think is the best outfit!
(Me?  I think it was the dark flowered shirt and black pants - different from the black track pants - but I'm of the opinion that Our Trev was born to wear flowered shirts.  A snazzy and classy Guitar God is what I like to see.)

Orlando: back in black.
A photo posted by Al Music (Mejia) (@music.al2551) on

Clearwater: the tropical shirt (I was sad this shirt was never worn again).

Durham: tri-chromatic.

Atlanta: the debut of the flowered shirt.

Hollywood: the (now) Classic look.

Bethlehem: a low-key change of pace.
A photo posted by James Serafine (@jamesserafine) on

Glenside: loving that shirt!

#trevorrabin #arw #yes #prog #andersonrabinwakeman 10-15-16 Philly

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Glenside: return of the tri-chromatic.

Boston: return of the Classic ensemble.

Wallingford: THE BEST.

Huntington: still loving that look.

Montclair: another winning combination.
A photo posted by Chris Sobel (@chrismsobel) on

Red Bank: casual Superfan.
A photo posted by rjmoylan (@rjmoylan) on

Atlantic City: snazzy redux.
A photo posted by Linda🎶 (@lindamarie8) on

Akron: kickin' it casual-like.

Pittsburgh: casually stumping for a write-in campaign: VOTE ELF in 2016.