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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Thirty-eight years later...

I read a comment on Facebook yesterday which provides a useful lesson: while research is something fans enjoy engaging in, it's important to remember when it concerns Trevor, he had a history as a professional musician before joining Yes.

The comment was in reference to ARW's performance in Edinburgh - the poster stated that it was the first time Trevor had performed in Scotland, which is actually not true.  While it is true that YesWest never toured Scotland and made scant stops in the UK overall during their touring history, Trevor has played in Scotland before, and specifically Edinburgh.

In October and November of 1979, Trevor undertook a three-week tour of the UK to promote Face To Face as an opening act for guitarist Steve Hillage which included three dates in Scotland: Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen. So it has been a span of years indeed from November 1st, 1979 to March 22nd, 2017, and who knows...there might have been a few in the audience who were also at that long-ago Odeon gig (which began life as a cinema, became a music venue for 11 years, and then a cinema again according to my research).

People of Scotland: Trevor is back!  I hope you enjoyed him and it won't be such a long time till you see him again.