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Monday, March 13, 2017

Media Watch: more vintage video

With thanks to my fellow Rabid Rabinite Judy Davis for sending me the link.

Here's another blast from the past...there is a bootleg which has been in trading circles for several years consisting of Second Unit/b-roll footage from MTV's coverage of Yes' performance at the Forest Hills Tennis Center in New York on August 29th, 1984.  However, the footage in circulation is barely watchable at best.  Today, a much better quality version of part of that footage - the soundcheck of "Hold On" - was posted on YouTube.  This footage also conclusively illustrates the involvement of Casey Young as a backing player for Tony Kaye, a particular credit which has been hotly-contested in fandom for a number of years.

Hopefully this means additional restored sections of the overall footage might be available in future, such as Trevor's interview with Martha Quinn.