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Friday, June 16, 2017

The Man of a Thousand Credits: nascent projects

One of a continuing series in regards to the myriad variety of Trevor’s discography.

As long-time fans are aware, during the period of time in which Trevor first relocated to Los Angeles he worked with a number of people related to his Geffen development deal.  A couple days ago one of those people, singer/songwriter Micki Free, provided us a piece of possibly previously-unheard history courtesy of his radio show Micki's Free Ride on Flagstaff, AZ station KMGN.

I assume Free is referring to the period of time prior to his joining Shalimar, and whether or not that material was actually released is not clear.  It's interesting to me that John Kalodner seemed to be intent on getting Trevor to work on anything but his own music - on the other hand, Trevor was adept at producing for other artists and commented in at least one interview that he had to start turning down studio work in order to focus on his writing.