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Monday, June 5, 2017

Media Watch: Rabbitt rewind

Uploaded today - with thanks to YouTube user (and compendium of South African musical history) Leon Rossouw - is a great find: one of the rare Rabbitt singles which spanned the period of time between Rabbitt's debut in 1972 and the release of their first album Boys Will Be Boys! in 1975, which were only released in South Africa.  It appears none of these songs were successful, only their cover of "Locomotive Breath" actually charted.  This single was the follow-up to "Locomotive Breath," released in 1973.  It's my belief that as far as these singles are concerned, Trevor performed vocals on the A-side but not the B-side, as in 1972-74 Rabbitt was more of a studio-based ensemble than an actual band.

                                       Side A: "Backdoor Of My Heart"

Side B: "Share The Loving Things"