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Friday, August 25, 2017

guess the set

Yesterday Rick tweeted this little bombshell regarding the setlist for the new North American tour...

And so it was apt that today a thread was posted at the Yesfans discussion forum asking members to guess three songs which would be added to the setlist.  I responded that it was difficult for me to guess but in the interests of being a good blogger I'll make an effort here.

"South Side of the Sky"
(Jon mentioned this one in a recent interview, so it's potentially a lock.)
"I Am Waiting"
(Another song Jon has mentioned, it seems a likely choice from Talk.)
"Shoot High, Aim Low"
(I'm hoping that perhaps now they'll find themselves the equal of this song, as Trevor had named it as a definite inclusion for the last tour.)
Bonus guess:
"Starship Trooper"
(Just because I want them to bring this one back so badly.)

If you've got guesses you want to share, hit me up on email - and we'll know who is correct tomorrow!