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Friday, August 4, 2017

even more Mess

I received an email a few weeks back which reminded me I had missed something...
Are you going to review Little Mess?  I think it's pretty cool!

Ah yes I totally forgot to comment about the release of GROUPLOVE's new EP Little Mess, which was originally a Record Store Day exclusive and then released to digital distribution on May 5th.
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The title is, naturally, a reference to these tracks having been recorded during the sessions for Big Mess in Seattle with producer/engineer Phil Ek.  The overall character of the first three tracks: "Tell Me A Story," "Torso" and "MRI" is somewhat more subdued when compared to the songs which did make it onto the album, although I think "Torso" was a strong contender, it hearkens back - in my estimation - to the sonic palette of Spreading Rumours.  Even with a slower tempo "MRI" is probably the heaviest song they've recorded in quite a while, and it frames Hannah's lead vocal quite nicely.

Also included is a live version of "Enlighten Me" which features backing vocals from a very enthusiastic audience.  The live arrangement has a really great dynamic, starting out with just Christian's vocal and acoustic guitar and then ramping up to a full band blowout for the ending.

"Adios Amigos" reminds me of "Beans On Pizza" in terms of its' playful attitude but it's got that gung-ho go go go infectious spirit which is pure GROUPLOVE for sure.