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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Not on that shortlist

Yesterday an interview with progressive rock drummer Mike Portnoy was posted on the Ultimate Classic Rock website, and for those who heard the episode of Trunk Nation featuring Rick and Trevor - with Portnoy as an unofficial co-host of sorts - then you know he made an offhand remark regarding the drum chair in ARW; and many fans did namecheck him as a potential and/or appropriate choice for the job (even as many of us knew it was never going to happen).  Turns out Portnoy was serious.
I got to see Rick [Wakeman] and Trevor [Rabin] a few days ago. We did a radio show together and it was good seeing those guys. I haven’t seen the show — I would love to, but I just haven’t been around when they were playing. I’m kind of upset that they didn’t call me! I was waiting by the phone for that gig! I would have loved to have played with those guys.
He went on to document his long-time love of Yes, and it's always nice to read musicians praising the influence of Yes on contemporary progressive rock.  But given the numerous projects he's already involved with, I think Mike has enough to keep him occupied for quite a while...but here's hoping he actually gets to a gig next year.