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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Bob Coburn (1948-2016)


A beloved figure of Los Angeles radio has passed away after losing his battle with cancer, and Bob Coburn had his own unique place in YesWest history, similar to Philadelphia-based DJ Ed Schiaky's association over the whole of the band's history.

Anyone who grew up listening to KLOS, as I did, was well-acquainted with Coburn as a voice of AOR/Classic Rock programming and member of that station's family; but nationwide he came to prominence as the host of the syndicated call-in interview program Rockline which first aired in 1981 and Trevor appeared on the show several times along with his Yes cohorts.  Coburn also hosted the Talk premiere party which was broadcast from the Hard Rock Cafe on March 16, 1994, serving as a highly-amused ringmaster for the rowdy proceedings.

Coburn's knowledge of and enthusiasm for music was evident in every broadcast, and his voice was a trusted one for my generation.  My deepest condolences to family, friends and fellow fans.