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Monday, November 27, 2017

Media Watch: a rare gift

With many many thanks to Yesfans member yesheadjon for posting this video earlier in the year - for those who have yet to see it, here's a bit of an Xmas gift as this is apparently the first time YesWest performed in 1994 as part of a concert for the opening of the FIFA World Cup titled Soccer Rocks the Globe on June 16th at Chicago's UIC Pavilion.  The event was simulcast worldwide on both television and radio.

Also with thanks to nzyesfan for receiving clarification that the audio itself isn't exactly live, but it's nice to see another promotional appearance from that era, and unique in that it was almost entirely devoted to promoting the release of Talk in their choice of songs to perform.  Interesting to note as well that Trevor uses his signature model Alvarez for this show - before its' current makeover which we've seen on the ARW tours.