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Thursday, July 6, 2017

meeting your heroes

As an example of how Everything Is Connected, I wanted to make note of a post I came across recently from John Mitchell who is - among various things - the frontman for It Bites and thus his attendance at the Birmingham ARW show back in March was no doubt at his former bassist's invitation, but even more of a lovely surprise to me is his admission that Trevor is his guitar hero, with John proclaiming in a comment to a fan: "He's the whole reason I play guitar!"

It's not every day you get to spend an evening hanging out with the biggest inspiration and influence of your musical life. It's also not often that said person is such a lovely and receptive human being.  I can die happy now. Ladies and gentleman, Mr. Trevor Rabin!!

Interestingly enough his current band Lonely Robot is also up for the same category as Our Guys - UK Band/Artist of the Year - at the Progressive Music Awards, and their second album The Big Dream was released earlier this year.