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Monday, August 10, 2020

The Secret Discography: streaming something steamy

One of a series which examines Trevor’s musical career in South Africa.

It's amusing to me how the topic of Trevor's side career as a disco maven comes up from time to time and I have yet to finish my essay on it!  But this is an interesting find: for anyone who utilizes a streaming platform like Spotify, Apple Music or Napster (for example) - you can now listen to The Tee Cee's "Ecstasy" via a compilation series titled Disco Music History.  It's definitely a needledrop because I can hear a bit of vinyl noise at the beginning but it sounds as good as any transfer you might find on YouTube.  The track appears as the lead-off on Volume 7 of the series.  I believe you have to search by the name of the series because it would yield too many results to search either by song title or artist (because the "Various Artists" attribution is used in this case).  Although there's no applicable credits on the actual album save for production and arrangement I would assume the proceedings in this case are enacted by his usual cast of characters: Kevin Kruger on drums, Rene Veldsman on vocals, with Trevor handling everything else (especially that exquisitely funky bass) as well as Pro Arte providing the orchestration and Hennie Hartmann the engineering.  Maybe another person on percussion?  There's a lot of additional percussion used.  I would love to know who the couple are on the bookend tracks and if they managed to make it through a complete take for either song without laughing.

Speaking of those two, I will say that out of the four tracks on Disco Love Bite, the title track and "Ecstasy" are the best in terms of both salacious mood and sheer musicality, although "The Machine" has a fair amount of guitar and keyboard parts to enjoy.  Of the two disco projects we can recognize as authentically Trevor's, in a manner of speaking, I find I enjoy this album more than either of the Disco Rock Machine releases.

So if you have a Trevor playlist of some kind or a Guilty Pleasures one, or maybe even "Discotheque in My Kitchen" (and someone to flip the lights on and off) then here's another track to help you get your groove on during these trying times.  It's good exercise, you know. *wink wink*